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Members Weightlifting Comp 4/14/18

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On April 14th we will host a CrossFit Rampage Members Only Weightlifting competition.
In the sport of weightlifting you get 3 chances each at lifting the most possible weight in the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk. The event will run similar to a weightlifting meet, but there will be some slight changes to make things easy.
Upon the day of the event, you will have to weigh in (we'll need this for scoring purposes) and declare the weight of your first attempt for Snatch and C&J. You will then be ordered to perform your first lift (snatch) based upon the amount of weight you decided to attempt to lift on your 1st attempt.
Scoring will be based on the Sinclair method, which takes into consideration the bodyweight of the lifter and the weight lifted.

Event Start time: 9:00am
Women Snatch first.
Men Snatch following women.
Women Clean and Jerk
Men Clean and Jerk following women.
Times are all TBD based on total # of lifters.
Expected finish time is prior to 2:00.